1. With support from DANIDA, URRENO teamed-up with Ministry of Works and Transport,  Ministry of Health, Kampala City Council, Injury Control Centre, the media and Uganda Police to carry out a World Health Day road safety package which included; public awareness rising, driver training, road safety education, road safety exhibitions and demonstrations.

2. URRENO in association with Transport Research Laboratory Limited (TRL) carried out a consultancy work for Uganda Government to establishing Road Crash Data System using Microcomputer Accident Analysis Package (MAAP) for Uganda government.

3. URRENO in association with TRL, SweRoad of Sweden and Leeds School of Medicine were contracted by the government of Uganda with funding from the World Bank to carry out the National Road Safety Action Plan Phase One. The scope of consultancy services included; production of Engineering Design Manuals, production of the Highway Code, preparation of Training Curricula for Driver Instructors and Drivers, development of Road Safety Education as part of the primary school curriculum from P1 – P4, conducting a feasibility study on the establishment of a Road Safety Unit/ Road Safety Authority, conducting a study on the requirements for Accident Trauma Research, conducting a Feasibility Study on establishment of a Public Emergency Ambulance System in Kampala and training of casualty personnel in emergency and acute health care

4. URRENO in association with RITES Limited from India, Kagga & Partners Uganda Limited and Rank Consult (u) Limited were contracted by Kampala City Council of Uganda to carry out the Kampala Urban Traffic Improvement Plan with funding from World Bank.

5. Parkman-O’Sullivan & Graham International Consulting Engineers in partnership with URRENO, piloted Community Participation in road maintenance and road safety in Uganda through Western Uganda Road Maintenance Capacity Building Project. The project got funding from DFID and Uganda Government.

6.  URRENO, in partnership with Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), was involved in cost effective skills/knowledge transfer on Traffic Safety Management from Sweden to Uganda by facilitators on Road Traffic Safety Management. This pioneer programme in Uganda was sponsored by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and Ministry of Transport and Works – Uganda targeting government ministries, corporate organisations and Civil Society Organisations in transport, road safety and other related areas.

7. URRENO, through the World Bank Small Grants Programme, carried out a one-year commercial motorcyclist (Boda Boda) road safety training project. This project covered one division of Kampala City, Nakawa Division and was a participatory sensitization programme in line with URRENO policy and objectives.

8. With funding from Barclays Bank Uganda, URRENO organized a TV Program “I AM ON THE ROAD” which was part of road safety education program aimed at educating children about road safety. The program was voted the best educative TV program for young children in Uganda.

10. URRENO piloted Road Safety Clubs in 10 Kampala schools to spearhead road safety through Community Participation approaches for cost effectiveness. Road safety education through Road Safety Club Systems was seen as an appropriate means of empowering school children to learn, practice and manage their road safety affairs to reduce the exposure to risk on roads. This project was to empower Kampala school going children to reduce their exposure to traffic problems.

9. In partnership between Shell Uganda Limited, URRENO developed a project to utilize the Shell Traffic School, a well designed area with a simulation of a real Traffic/Road environment (Street, Road Signs, Road Materials, Zebra Crossings etc) at Bugolobi in Kampala.  

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